May 19, 2000

Pass Mountain Hut, Va 15 Miles Hiked Today 922 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Where there's food, ther's hikers.Today we did 15 miles, stopping for brunch at a wayside for all-you-can-eat! In the afternoon we did 10 more miles knowing that where we intended to eat dinner was closed. According to the National Park Service, Friday night is not part of the weekend. Whatever. So we made it to the shelter and so far we (Trail Mix, Caveman, Dirk, and I) are the only ones here, we're out of the rain, and we had a break in the rain long enough to do our chores.

But the real news of the day was when I got bit by a Blacksnake. Caveman & I were coming down the trail when I almost stepped on it and we stopped to look at it. It was about 5 feet long and fairly thick. I went to grab it by the had (or just behind) and at the same time Caveman grabbed it by the tail. As soon as he touched it, it got pissed and turned and got me. I bled a little and pulled two of its teeth out of my knuckles. Live and learn.

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