May 18, 2000

Rock Spring Hut, Va 24 Miles Hiked Today 907 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

What a day! Got up at 5:45 and hit the ground running. We were trying to do 19 miles by 4:00 so as to have dinner at a restaurant. On the way I saw a male bear about 40 yards away and as I hiked he ran. It was cool.  I think we surprised each other. Then at the shelter where I had lunch, I saw a copperhead. We made it in time for dinner (I had a BLT, a hamburger, and an awesome blackberry milkshake). Then, during the five mile hiked to the shelter, we saw a momma bear with two cubs. They just sat there, the mom looking around and the cubs climbing trees. Awesome!! It made it worth the 24 miles.

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