May 16, 2000

Blackrock Hut, Va 20 Miles Hiked Today 861 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Caveman and Chinman at Shenandoah N.P.Hiked with Caveman and Chinman (a really nice guy). During a break in the afternoon, Zoom and Dirk showed up. Dirk was two and a half weeks ahead, but had sprained his ankle and gone home to Pennsylvania to recuperate. Trail Mix and Two Stepper are here as well, so its a great crowd.

So far, Shenandoah NP is better than expected. We crossed the road a lot, but we weren't as close to it all day as I was told. The bad news is that word is that two campgrounds are closed. This may mean I am short on food as I planned to eat at these. We're hoping that maybe the restaurants are open and just camping is closed. I'll know at lunch tomorrow as that was the first meal stop.

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