May 13, 2000

Harpers Creek Shelter, Va 14 Miles Hiked Today 815 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Got up at the crack of dawn because the Boy Scouts wouldn't be quiet.  Decided to take advantage of the cool morning air and got going. The descent down The Priest (a mountain) was rocky but not all that difficult. Leap Frog and I then met up and hitched into Tyro to get snacks. We had hoped to go swimming in Tye River across the way from one store, but got word it was closed and had to go to a different store not near the swimming hole. Hitched both ways pretty easily. We brought stuff back for the others, found more food at the bridge (Trail Magic from Caveman's scout troop) and sat around having lunch.

Fish and wildlife services stock Tye river with troutWhile we were there, Fish and Wildlife came to stock the river with Trout (mostly Brown). They dumped two netfulls in. They were smart and did it late (2:00) so the fishermen who had gotten word about the stocking had gone home.  Ha-ha.

I went swimming for a bit and Leap Frog, Candyman, and Happy Hour hiked on because they wanted to do more miles. I hung out for a while pointing out fish to one fisherman and we talked quite a bit. He told me the weather report said rain, so I stopped at this shelter to avoid it, the heat, and to do some writing. It was nice to sit here and watch it and listen to it. I didn't get as much writing done as I had hoped, but did make some progress. Tomorrow I will do big miles (20+) to get close to Waynesboro. I plan to stay in a shelter that is a haunted old settlement.

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