May 11, 2000

Buena Vista, Va 2 Miles Hiked Today 787 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

My "AT" birthday cakeWhat a great birthday! We all got up early and were on the road hitching by 7:45. After an hour and no luck, three of us got a hitch that only went a mile (we needed 10), the other two waiting back (Caveman & Lone Star). While Lone Wolf, Trail Mix and I kept trying, we saw Caveman and Lone Star go by in a car. Since Lone Wolf and Trail Mix didn't have to go to town, I started walking in case they decided to head back to the trail. I got a hitch after about 30 minutes. We had agreed to meet at Hardees and when I walked in Caveman and Lone Star were decorating a birthday cake with 29 candles in the form of the AT symbol.  Although they were a little disappointed I walked in early, I told them not to worry, it was awesome! After I ran a few errands and came back we decided to eat and cut the cake. Just after, who showed up but Trail Mix and Lone Wolf! So we all ate together and then went our separate ways. It was one of, if not the best Birthday surprise ever. The people you meet out here!

Left to right: Lone Star, Trail Mix, Caveman, and Lone WolfLater, who showed up at my door? Zoom! He finally caught up and now we are going to have dinner together. Also, some other hikers heard it was my B-Day and invited me to come have a beer. Awesome, just awesome.

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