May 10, 2000

Brown Mountain Creek Shelter, Va 18 Miles Hiked Today 785 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Punchbowl shelter and pondToday did not go as expected. First, I was very tired from only getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep (the heat and "no-see-um bugs tore me up). Then, I expected to have to hike more uphill that we actually did, although there was one big climb. I also thought it would be really hot. Instead of all that, I didn't feel tired, the climbs weren't that bad, the high was only 85 degrees, and not only did we have some spectacular scenery (high mountain overlooks, running streams, a rare woodpecker, old-growth forest) but right after we got to the shelter we got Trail Magic. Two 60 year-olds, Flash and Hot Flash, hiked in bringing cold Pepsi and homemade cookies just for us thru-hikers. They had thru-hiked before and still hike together today. They were so nice and cool to talk to and had hiked in four miles jut to bring snacks.

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