May 9, 2000

John's Hollow Shelter, Va 17 Miles Hiked Today 767 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Rhodedendrons in bloomWhat an awesome day! The hills up were short and the hills down were long. We did about 3 miles per hour and had done 13 of 17 by 12:30. Lunch was at a shelter with a stream deep enough to flop in, so we did. Then we hiked 2-3 miles and hitched into a town for burgers and snacks and cold drinks. It was awesome to sit in an air-conditioned car and restaurant and get free refills. Never mind the cold milk, fruit and ice cream bar. We even got two quick hitches. After getting back to the trail, we only had 2 miles to the shelter and passed Trail Mix, so were able to get him his burger and fries to him before they were even cool. Actually, they were still hot! The reason we got food for him was because he has a dog, Limp Ear, which makes it hard to get a hitch. We ended the day near a good water source (deep enough to wash in and dunk your head) not having to make dinner. Oh what a feeling.

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