May 7, 2000

Jennings Creek, Va 16 Miles Hiked Today 736 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Swimming in Jennings CreekToday's hike was in good part a back and forth following along the Blue Ridge Parkway. A lot of folks were out in the nice weather driving it, including quite a few Harleys...makes me want one. Later in the day we headed away from the Parkway and had a nice hike. Today looked like a record high of 91 degrees, according to one radio station and at times, it felt like it. Luckily for me, Trail Mix and Caveman convinced me to hike a few miles past my intended destination, so I ended up here at Jennings Creek. It was cool and refreshing and about 4 feet deep with a nice stone/sand bar you could sit on. To top it off, Caveman hitched to a town to bring back drinks and snacks.

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