May 6, 2000

Wilson Creek Shelter, Va 11 Miles Hiked Today 720 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

The gang having dinnerGot up, packed, ate breakfast, some dessert, and we took off for the trail.  We did stop at Taco Bell to satisfy one last craving. It got up to 85 degrees today and required a long break after five miles. I stopped at a shelter to get water and lucky for me, there was Trail Mix and his dog Limp Ear and Lone Star. I got really lucky because Lone Star had carried my glasses (I'd left them in Pearisburg) all the way hoping to catch me. The rest of the day was a nice up and down across streams through blooming rhododendrons.

The bad news is that several hikers are starting to get the Virginia Blues, including Zoom. I think I may have a touch of it myself. Escargot told me today he went home for 7 days for his sons graduation and almost didn't come back. Between his advice and Hal Cobbles, I've decided not to take a quick trip home and just keep going. May is turning out to be the hump month for me, really for several of us. If I really want a break, I'll get off trail in some city for a few days, but right now, although a little "bluesy" I'm still having a blast.

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