May 5, 2000

Roanoke, Va 0 Miles Hiked Today 709 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from McAfee Knob - supposedly the best view in VirginiaHad a great time with Mr. Cobble today. This morning we hung around the house doing our own thing. I checked e-mail, made calls, etc. Then we went to a New York deli for lunch (awesome) and did some Roanoke site-seeing. Though Roanoke is fairly small (200,000 people) it is quite scenic, close to a lot of hiking, and has some interesting history. We finished the day off by doing my grocery shopping and sighting in Hal's pellet gun, which will be used to rid the world of one pain-in-the-butt robin.  And I thought only pigeons sucked. Lastly, Martha cooked up one awesome meal for dinner -- salmon, rice, salad, cheese and crackers, pie and ice cream, the works. It was my first home cooked meal in 50+ days and was great!

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