May 4, 2000

Roanoke, Va 16 Miles Hiked Today 709 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Green Racer snakeHiked to the Cloverdale/Troutville area and called the Cobbles. I did see a Green snake today, which I got a picture of. The rest of the hike was very nice as I was able to hike along some cliffs that looked down on the valley and had lunch with great views of the city. Too bad the lights from the city hazed out the stars last night and the pollution hazed the sunrise this morning.

View from McAfee Knob - supposedly the best view in VirginiaThe Cobbles took me to a great dinner place, Carlos', which serves Brazilian food. It is in downtown Roanoke, which is quite scenic. Hal and Martha are the parents of my friend, Beverly and are the most hospitable people, not only in the usual "hiking" needs, but in their interest in my trip.

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