April 30, 2000

Pine Swamp Branch Shelter, Va 20 Miles Hiked Today 637 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Trail along a ridge, south of PearisburgI wasn't overly in the mood to leave today, either, but I did. Once on the trail, all was cool. The high today was about 75 with perfectly blue skies. Down low, there was a lot of green, up high on the ridges, very little. Spring almost has me!

It was a very nice day in terms of views. Many times I could look down and see farmland, little towns, country roads, etc. And, most of the day I was rocking to classic rock on my headphones. The bad news is that I am developing/developed a shin splint on my left leg now. I may end up limping into Cloverdale and begging the Cobble's (my friend Beverly's parents) for a 3rd night, 2nd zero day to heal up. I am overdosing on Ibuprofin and stretching and messaging as much as possible. It hasn't knotted up (yet) so that's good. Only 72 miles to Cloverdale...

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