April 27, 2000

Doc's Knob Shelter, VA 22 Miles Hiked Today 609 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Giggles and Leapfrog at the pond near Wapiti ShelterI am tired. What was suppose to be a 22 mile day ended up 28 (I think) and I'm paying the price. My left shin is acting up and has me worried. The extra mileage came from a) 1.6 miles to/from a place off trail with food and phone b) .4 miles to a shelter to leave a note, and c) 4 miles of a reroute of the trail (rumor has it). I was wondering why it took longer to go fewer miles than yesterday.

The hike itself was nice. We followed a river for quite some time, went up and down some, went back and forth between coniferous and hardwoods, had good views from the ridge, and got good reception on the headphones. My lunch spot was great, right next to a pond with the sun shining down. Aahh...

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