April 26, 2000

Jenny Knob Shelter, VA 24 Miles Hiked Today 587 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Virginia's Forested RidgesI'm still working on a good summary of the first six weeks. Right now I'm not sure I can come up with anything succinct.

Today I got up intending to go about 18 and instead went 24.1. I was smokin' this morning and just decided to keep going. Of course, my feet are killing me, but that should pass. I think the nice weather, 63 degrees and sunny (a miracle) helped. Tomorrow I'll go somewhere between 14 and 22.

Spring is starting to catch up with us (never mind the low of 35 degrees tonight) as evidenced in the blooms on some of the trees, even at 3000 feet. I'm hoping that all of these April showers will indeed bring May flowers. Really, we've already got flowers, but who is counting?

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