April 24, 2000

Knot Maul, VA 12 Miles Hiked Today 542 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Cows on the trail at Ceres, VAIt was hard getting dropped off today. Harder than I was expecting. Not because I was wanting to go home, but because it was great seeing Whitney. We had a perfect time at the movies, hanging, and eating.

Of course it started drizzling as I was dropped off. And it drizzled or rained off and on all day and is expected to do so through Friday. Great. I guess its obvious I decided to keep hiking. There was no debate or doubt in my mind. No rain, no pain, no Maine!

Stopped today about 3:15 and met Almanac, Profile, Guman, Candyman, and Happy Hour. The moved on. But, two other new guys Lauren and Red Forest showed up, as well as Love Shack whom I haven't seen since just after Hiawassee, and Zoom, whom I hadn't seen since Fontana. I'm glad some cool guys I know showed up. We'll probably hike together through Friday (Pearisburg).

Lastly, today was the first time that I know we crossed through private property. I believe its all been owned by the ATC or public property this whole time. It is marked as private property w/ a "scenic...easement." There are nice people left in the world. One stretch today went right through some cow pastures. Luckily for me (others, I heard had problems) they moved aside as I came. I think it was because I talked to them as I walked, a little knowledge carried over from the cattle-drive days.

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