April 22, 2000

Wytheville, VA 0 Miles Hiked Today 530 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Me at the Parson Cummings Cabin/CemetarySpent the day in Abingdon, VA. Shopped, looked for more art by Ed Chitwood (I had seen some in a gallery in Wytheville), did some sightseeing (Martha Washington Inn, Wolf Hill, Cummings Cemetery) and saw a movie (yes! ohhh,  the popcorn -- saw Rules of Engagement).

One really cool place we went to was a bar called The Tavern. It has been in existence since the 1700's and has been a grocery, tavern, boarding home, and more. A king (King Phillippe) and some other famous people have stayed or eaten there. We just had drinks and ate dinner elsewhere.

One thing I noticed about being in the "real world" is sound, like at the movies. Being used to only one or two voices at a time, the surround sound seemed incredible.

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