April 20, 2000

Wytheville, VA 0 Miles Hiked Today 530 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Morning View - Atkins, VADidn't have the best night's sleep -- the moon was as bright as the sun, I was sleeping on the side of a tick-infested hill, and the highway nearby was noisy. 

Was hitching by 7:15 and had no luck by 8:15 when Tin Cup and Grinder came by. Another hiker's opinion was that I should go to the truck stop and ask because truckers don't like stopping once started. So I went to the truck stop and started asking around. The second driver, Bob Nelson, was going my way.

Bob drives a big rig five days a week for a living, has a wife and two sons and was a great guy to talk with. We discussed how a truckers life and a thru-hikers life are similar. Both are away from home, seeing new things, working hard, following a preset path, and have an instant bond with others like them. Truckers have the CB to communicate with, however, while we thru-hikers rely on word of mouth and the shelter registers.

The other similarities are that both eat unhealthy foods and are looking for a cheap shower. Bob did point out that at least hikers get into shape, while truckers don't.

I made it to the hotel by 9:15, checked in, and started the usual errands. Whitney arrived at 4:00 and that is all of the news that's fit to print.

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