April 19, 2000

Atkins, VA 11 Miles Hiked Today 530 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Evening view - Atkins, VAYour basic day of hiking. The views were actually pretty incredible. We went in and out of forests, crossed many streams, skirted green pastureland, and finally came down into Atkins through an old apple orchard which was in bloom and smelled incredible. The sun even came out making it finally really feel like spring.

After some Dairy Queen, we (Good Vibe, Special Agent, myself) hiked north out of town and went our separate ways. They 7 more miles, me, off up a hill to find a place to sleep until the morning when I will try and hitch north. Luckily for me, a lady at Dairy Queen reminded me you can't hitch on an interstate. I'd of hated to have gotten a ticket or arrested.

My dinnertime view was very nice. I sat on top of the hill overlooking rolling hills of green grazing land and a herd of cows. All this with the accompaniment of a red-winged blackbird.

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