April 17, 2000

Raccoon Branch Shelter, VA 18 Miles Hiked Today 505 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from Gayson Highlands State ParkToday I moved back to the forest from the highlands.

Earlier today, just as I was lifting my pack at the end of lunch, I saw Special Agent coming. Since he is overly competitive (he calls the AT a race, says stuff like "your next" when passing, and can't stand being behind someone) I decided to jack with him. Every time I went around a corner where he couldn't see me, I jogged a bit to increase distance. Then, when I could see him I would be walking. But he, oh was it funny, would be straining and pounding to catch up. It was the funniest thing! He never caught up. At the road where he was going to town I waited, talking a pack-off break. Oh the games I play. I told him to hike his own hike...

Got rained on today for a while then it stopped. Then I raced it to the shelter. I won. I got my evening's water just before the storm broke. So I spent all afternoon (3:00 on) reading and listening to classic rock, stretching, and fixing the shelter. Very relaxing it was, what with rain, wind, and lighting crashing down and me safe and dry. Tomorrow calls for more rain, but we're (Good Vibe, Special Agent, and I) only going 13.1 miles to a shelter near a phone and so near a road that two different pizza places will deliver, sweet!

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