April 14, 2000

Damascus, VA 0 Miles Hiked Today 455 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Mushroom with hairAs odd as it sounds, my day started off great because I was doing laundry. Actually, I first sat and read while eating cereal with milk (woo-hoo!) and then went and did laundry. It was great because I was the only one in the laundromat (the cleanest, best maintained I've seen), I had some snacks, the Sports Illustrated baseball issue, it was warm, and there was a jukebox. I sang loudly with Lenny Kravitz (American Woman) and Santana (Maria Maria). I really miss music. So...I bought a small radio for $5 at Dollar General to jam to while hiking. It turns out a lot of us miss music (and movies).

Mushroom without hairThe rest of the day was mostly errands, reading at the library, and fixing my pants. The one bit of excitement came when a contingency of hikers I know arrived including Special Agent.  Special Agent and Mushroom had a deal that if they met here, Mushroom would shave his head (he's had long hair for 7 years). So, it got shaved by Brian after first being cut by someone else. Mushroom is one of the MOB Squad I have hiked with. Then Orion (MOB) got her hair trimmed as well. It was crazy! They threatened to shave mine one day soon and I promised a beating on anyone who held me down.

Orion gets a haircut alsoDamascus is a cool little town, I guess. There's not a lot to it, but everyone treats us well. It is also the home of Trail Days, a 3 day party for AT hikers with a hiker parade, speeches, free food, reunions, etc. About 5,000 hikers show up for it. I think I will wait for another year a) because I don't want to spend 4 days hitching to/from here a month from now, b) because I'll appreciate it more having done the whole trail, and c) I'm not sure I care about meeting "famous" past hikers (i.e. the oldest, first, etc.). Maybe if I'm hiking with someone at the time who has a prearranged ride I will, but even then, I'm not sure.

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