March 29, 2000

Deep Gap Groundhog Creek Shelter, NC 10 Miles Hiked Today 245 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Interstate 40Bored to tears today. After having breakfast with "The Gang" (Che, Bandana Bill, Kerosene Charlie, and Moxy) we didn't get going until 9:30. It was worth it though, the pancakes, bacon, and grits. Anyway, between the six mile long 3000 foot climb and the report that rain is expected this afternoon and tonight. I decided to go only about 10 miles in order to sleep at a shelter. I don't know if it was knowing I didn't need to hurry or it was the hill, but the scenery was just boring as hell. There was nothing to really look at -- same trees, rocks, and dirt I've seen. Tomorrow I'll try more miles for something to do. I also hear there are good views coming.

One thing I definitely feel I'm missing is being able to talk to all my friends and family when I want. I am curious about how everyone is doing.

View from Max Patch SummitLast night I got a chance to call some acquaintances (one set I've never met) in Virginia to figure where along the trail they live. It looks like between those acquaintances and Whitney visiting I may avoid the "Virginia Blues." Virginia is about 1/4 of the trail and apparently drives people crazy after awhile. There aren't really any cool goals or sites or anything to break it up. By Virginia you have done or experienced a lot of what the trail has to offer and don't have new states bunching together until Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, etc. One guy I know (Zoom) has a friend who hiked last year and stopped for a week in Virginia in a motel debating whether or not to go on. He finally kept hiking.

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