March 27, 2000

Tri-Corner Knob Shelter, Tn 21 Miles Hiked Today 220 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

An uprooted tree It wasn't supposed to rain until Tuesday which would have been cool because I am heading to Mountain Momma's, but no, It rained all day today. I got hailed on twice in the interim and had to cook lunch to keep warm. It varied between 38 to 40 degrees. There were a lot of blow downs on the trail to climb over or crawl under making the trail like an obstacle course. This evening I tried warming clothes by the fire and melted a pair of socks. Oops. Live and learn. Now I will have to get up in the cold, put on cold clothes, then hike in the rain 15 miles. Great. Oh yeah, this is probably the most mouse-infested shelter and I am sleeping on the end, which is where the trash ends up and they (the mice) run. How is it possible I am still having a blast?

The Smokies Cravings I'm having: Taco Bell, sushi, milk and cereal.

Gear Notes: Everyone uses hiking poles and very few people use external frame packs.

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