March 25, 2000

Derrick Knob Shelter, Tn 12 Miles Hiked Today 186 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Lunch atop Thunderhead Mountain. Awoke to the sound of rain, but since it was warm (55 degrees) hiked in shorts and shirt. It didn't last long. The views today were spectacular from Rocky Top and Thunderhead, where I stopped to have lunch. I sat in a grassy field with 200 degree views, and basked in the sun. It was the kind of day that reminds you why you are here. To relax, to see, and to feel.

Shelter with a chain link fence - No bears!Tomorrow I will push the shin and achilles a bit harder and go for 13+ in order to get over Clingman's Dome and on the Mount Collins shelter. You are suppose to go from shelter to shelter in the park, due to bears, but I haven't seen any. Having your day limited by the location of a shelter can suck, but it can also force you to slow down and enjoy the ride.

More people I've met: Dilow, Ryan, Thor, and Abbie.

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