March 24, 2000

Mollies Ridge Shelter, nc 12 Miles Hiked Today 174 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Shuckstack Tower Got up, paid my bill, said my goodbyes and took off. The shin is stiff and a little sore but okay. After hiking about 5 miles; however, my left thigh started spazzing again. I think I hiked it out, though.

The weather today was great! Sunny, 65 degrees, with a breeze. Climbing to the top of Shuckstack Tower was worth it as the views of Fontana Dam and the Smokies were clear. "They" say you can see six states from up there (NC, GA, TN, VA, KY, ?).

View from Shockstack tower The first signs of spring are here. Mayflowers, Mountain Laurels, and a few other flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are fighting for mates. This may be the first time I truly get to experience spring. It's a good feeling.

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