March 23, 2000

Fontana, nc 0 Miles Hiked Today 162 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

The Hike Inn Today is a slow zero day (zero miles). Cleaned equipment, waterproofed boots, went to town to mail my package. Leapfrog and Giggles joined us (myself, Silver Fox, Rambunny, et al.) to make for a great group. Turning equipment drying in the sun and reading was the activity for the afternoon.

Thought -- its funny how we become attached to the smallest things. Today I misplaced or someone borrowed the pen I had been using to write this journal. I went crazy looking for it, and really, did it matter? No.

Today I saw myself do something I am trying to work on not doing -- be antisocial. I was in the common room at the hotel packing a box when new hikers came in. Rather than introduce myself, I finished my duty and left to do something else. The owner, Nancy, came by later where I was sitting and said "There's Erik, quietly fixing his boots." She and I talked about my goals for the trip and she thought I was just seeking solitude from the noisy environment. Not really, just being me. Guess I still have work to do.

Tonight, Zoom showed up and went to dinner and talked. He is a great guy and hope to catch up with him again on the trail. Tomorrow is back to the trail and hope the shin holds up.

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