March 20, 2000

Wesser Bald Shelter, nc 17 Miles Hiked Today 128 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from a tower atop Wayah BaldAfter a long night of heavy winds and rain we awoke to silence. The rain had blown itself out. A few spent the night cold and wet. Thankfully, my bivy sack kept me dry. It was cramped but decent. A mouse did chew on my jacket a bit. Oh well.

View from tower atop Wesser BaldHiked 17.9 today to make this shelter. The one before was built in the 60's and sucked, though in a pinch I am sure it would work fine.

My right shin is the new pain culprit. Excruciating stabs of pain run through as I try and go downhill. I hope its not shin splints. "Yonk" was a true hiking companion, stopping with me when I needed to stretch and slowing his pace not to leave me behind. If it does not feel better in the AM, will stay in Wesser and hitch to Fontana by Thursday in order to get mail and rest the leg. I keep smiling...Sunsetting at the Wesser Bald shelter

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