March 15, 2000

Indian grave Gap, ga 16 Miles Hiked Today 53 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

Got up early this morning to take advantage of the fact that I was asleep at 6:45. Gypsy and King Hobo went to bed early (5:30) and I didn't want to keep them awake.

Hauled ass and by noon had gone 11.4 miles. Saw a buck running through the forest this morning. Saw the sun rise also. I planned to have a one-hour hot lunch at blue mountain shelter, but my stove was jacked and had to wait for it to cool before dismantling it, so a cold lunch. Fixed the stove, but lunch took and hour and fifty minutes.

Met several thru-hikers today: Red Rover and her mom Mountain Laurel, Tangerine, Tennessee, JoJo Smiley (thru-hiked in '99), and Todd. Also met some day-hikers and spring-breakers, all helpful and friendly.

At Unicoi Gap I stopped to talk to Todd and spring-breakers (15 of them) when I got to see "Trail-Magic" first hand.  "TBA '98" was her trail name when she went thru. She had driven up to drop off Cokes and candy bars. Red Rover and Mountain Laurel showed up and we all got quite a snack. We left the rest for other hikers. One world!

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