March 13, 2000

Burnett field mountain, ga 15 Miles Hiked Today 25 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

View from Ramrock MountainSlept 11.5 hours last night. Not sure if I was beat from hiking or from the previous month. The low last night was 20 degrees -- my sleeping bag & bivy kept me toasty. Woke up twice to look at stars and listen. The first time the wind was so loud I couldn't hear. Later, no wind and silence. One thing I realized last night and today so far (its noon atop Ramrock Mountain) is that people aren't used to using their trail names yet. It feels kind of awkward, but we're trying.

Gooch Gap shelterOn trail by 8:15 and stopped at 11:00 to read and write in the register at Gooch Gap.  There are quite a few people ahead of me this season, some starting as early as the end of Jan. / beginning of Feb. They had snow and ice. One woman broke her ankle at Gooch Gap and had to get EMT to help her out.

Typical water sourceThe afternoon was pretty solitary.  Met a few nice people here and there, but fewer than yesterday. Got low on water, but made it to a spring. Then found more water where not marked in book.  Oh Well.  Quite tired today. 14 miles. I do have a great campsite in the middle of a field atop a mountain. I am sitting on the trail in the traditional camping spot looking over a valley and surrounding mountains.  The sun is setting to my right. Other than birds and wind, it is silent.

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