March 11, 2000

Atlanta, ga 0 Miles Hiked Today 0 of 2167 Miles Hiked Total

The HallmansWrapped backpack in trash compactor bags, finished errands and went to airport.  Saying goodbye to mom, dad, Carol (sis), and Whitney (girlfriend) was hard.  Dad and Carol had each written notes and the expectation of what was inside made it even harder.  Whitney and I had said our goodbyes, throughout the week, in many different ways; therefore, it wasn't as hard as I was expecting.  I think it helped, that she is so supportive, that we plan to meet in six weeks, and that our relationship is what it is -- strong.  It is the thing I worry about least regarding the trip.

Met the Hallman's at the airport, went to get Coleman fuel, and to dinner.  They are wonderful people.  Giving a good portion of your weekend for a stranger is very kind and true to the spirit of the trail.


  • Courtenay - Awesome parents!

  • Joseph - No!

  • My weight - 180

  • Pack weight - 50

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